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One Healthy Life

From Individual to Organisation

Our network of organisational psychologists are here to empower you and your organisation to create a mentally healthy culture for all.

One Healthy Life

Have you as an individual ever struggled with the balance between your work and home life resulting in stressful situations?

Are you or a team member within your organisation struggling with stress and it's impacting your human experience of work life?

We understand that well-being and mental health is not just a product of our experience at work. True well-being stems from the interplay between our experience inside and outside of work. We also understand that spill-over effects between work and home can exacerbate the experience of stress and lead to negative outcomes for both individuals and organisations alike.


We've combined our psychological research expertise and lived experience of stress to develop our One Healthy Life approach. This approach uses research-derived tools that can identify stressors across all life systems and feed this back in a way that enables both employers and employees to find the right solutions. Our tools can provide this insight for your whole organisation, for groups or departments within your organisation, and perhaps most importantly, for individual employees. By giving employees a breakdown of their results alongside signposting to appropriate and targeted sources of support, we empower them to take the next steps to improve their well-being. Whatever the results, we encourage employers and employees to use our feedback to start open conversations about organisational and individual solutions for stress and enhance the human experience of work (and life) for everyone.

One Healthy Life Approach

Our One Healthy Life approach brings together our core values, psychological research expertise and our lived experience to support you and your organisation to identify underlying stressors and empower your to make changes to maximise the human experience of work and life.







The Self-Work-Home System







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