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Maximising the Human Experience of Work

Welcome to Organisational & Behavioural Insights, a research-led psychology consultancy helping businesses to maximise the human experience of work.


We help you and your business to unlock the full potential of your people by utilising cutting edge, scientific research tools to understand, identify and manage the demands and resources of your business, to enable true human well-being.

We publish academic research, speak at international conferences and participate in a wide range of business networks, enabling us to translate the latest research and thinking into practical and sustainable solutions for businesses. 

Mountain tops above the clouds with clear blue skies

How can we help you?

Organisational & Behavioural Insights specialises in helping you to maximise the human experience of work within your organisation. Our network of experts work with organisations of all sizes, from start-ups through to government organisations across a diverse range of industry sectors.


We can help you to navigate people-centred change. 

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