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Concentrics circles that read Industry and Society System,  Work Home Interface System,  Work and Home System and Self System

The self-work-home-industry/society systems model 

 (see Xia et al., 2020)

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Our Approach

Research-led, data-driven insights combining lived experience with extensive applied psychological knowledge

At Organisational & Behavioural Insights, we understand that organisational, group, and individual outcomes, such as well-being, safety, performance, productivity, motivation, and other behaviours, are the result of the interplay between competing demands and resources. This interplay extends across all life systems, not just work.


We believe human psychological and physical health are the most important and powerful resources available to us. We know that when we feel physically and psychologically safe and healthy we can overcome many of the demands life throws our way. By identifying and reducing life demands and enhancing additional resources, we can be happier, safer, and more motivated.


Our team of organisational psychologists brings together our professional and personal lived experience to provide our clients with research-led, data-driven “Organisational & Behavioural Insight”. Our network of experts use extensive applied psychological research expertise to optimise the demands-resources balance, which leads to positive outcomes such as lower stress, enhanced safety, and increased system effectiveness and productivity.

We developed One Healthy Life, a game-changing approach to stress management, which recognises that employee stress is a product of an individual's whole life experience not only the demands faced at work. Our One Healthy Life diagnostics, research, and consulting tools enable us to support organisations, groups, and individual employees, to identify stressors across all life systems that may be underlying the stress they are experiencing. We empower individuals, groups and organisations to use these results to start open and honest conversations about the most appropriate solutions and support to create mentally healthy cultures and maximise the human experience of work and life.

Benefits of Organisational & Behavioural Insights

Our network of organisational psychology experts have helped businesses maximise the human experience of work across a range of measures.

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Maximising the human experience, maximises organisational growth

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Enhancing human efficiency and effectiveness to deliver productivity

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Development Costs

Optimising systems to reduce development time and cost

An empty fuel guage inside a car

Error Reduction

Minimise errors through maximising the human potential in systems

A woman sleeping on her desk with fatigue

Reduced Fatigue

Enhanced well-being produces stronger motivation and drive to deliver results

A satisfied customer choosing between two tops

Customer Satisfaction

Exceptional customer experiences from exceptional team members

Three happy and satisfied employees walking towards the camera

Employee Satisfaction

Empowered employees create positive work environments that drive success

Two people training and improving on a climbing wall


Enhancing the resources of team members to unlock and maximise their potential

Hands of team members all together showing support for one another


Target demands-resource allocation to support those most in need

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